We know how hard you work to run your retail business. Between managing your inventory, keeping up with market trends and providing excellent customer service, you always have plenty to do. We want you to succeed, which is why we’re constantly adding new features (and updating existing ones) to help you streamline your operations.

Mass Update Your In-Store Prices

MassPrice now works seamlessly with our Channel Management tools, allowing you to update your inventory and prices independently for your brick and mortar store and TCGplayer. With the latest update to MassPrice, you can set all of the prices in one of your channels based on the existing prices in the other.

Improving Your Experience with Our Tools

We’ve made a few other changes behind the scenes to ensure nothing comes between you and success.

  • Listings with Photos - When you update a listing with photos, you’ll now see language confirming that you are editing rather than adding a new listing.
  • Seller Reports - We’ve optimized our seller report tools so you can get the information you need faster than ever.
  • Use MassPrice for Excluded Categories - You can now use MassPrice on product categories even if you have them excluded on the TCGplayer Marketplace channel.

We rely on your feedback to determine what our seller community needs most. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email prosupport@tcgplayer.com.