Since its launch in March, we’ve continued enhancing TCGplayer Pro, adding several new features to streamline your store’s workflow, help you connect with customers, and grow your business. Here are some highlights from 2017.

Order Management Tools

One of our focus areas in 2017 was speeding up your workflow with improved order management tools. We added the ability to mass mark orders as shipped with just a click of a button and, for orders that require tracking, the ability to quickly upload tracking numbers from, Endicia, and more. Plus, we added advanced search filters that make it easier to find orders across multiple channels.

Custom User Roles

In August, we added another Pro-exclusive feature that was the result of your feedback: custom user roles. This feature helps you empower your team by giving them access to different areas of your account, then providing you with audit reports of all account activity. That way you can divide and conquer your workflow while keeping an eye on operations and providing feedback to train your team.

Media Library Full of Free Graphics

Over the summer, we heard from many sellers that they would like an easier way to find promotional graphics for their TCGplayer Online Stores. This is why in October we launched the media library, an exclusive collection of banners that you can add to your Online Store’s homepage to promote the products you carry. Through its dedicated search engine, the media library makes it easy to find and narrow down images by game, set—even character name. Plus, our design team is constantly adding new graphics to ensure you can promote every new release.

Thousands of New Products in Our Catalog

In addition to adding several new TCGs, like Star Wars: Destiny, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Ball Super, we also overhauled our supplies catalog and added new product categories like Funko Pop! figures. We even added Games Workshop products, including Warhammer figures, Citadel paints, books, clampack sets, and other accessories—exclusively for Pro Online Stores. As we head into 2018, we’re excited to continue building on this new foundation and making even more products available for you to add to your inventory.

$50 Commission Fee Cap and $2 Order Minimum

Based on your feedback, we capped the commission fee for each product at $50. You also told us that the $1 order minimum was costing your store money, which is why we increased it to $2 in June. We want to make sure we’re empowering you to sell everything from bulk commons to Black Lotuses.

10x Faster Price Updates

Most recently, we made significant improvements to our systems to save your team hours each day and increase your free time by several weeks a year. Plus, there are many new features in the Pricing tab to make updates even easier like the ability to monitor your imports, identify and correct errors with ease, and see your import’s progress with a status bar. You can even clear your live inventory more easily with a button that allows you to start from scratch with just a few quick confirmation screens.

Pricing Apps

Available exclusively for TCGplayer Pro sellers, our free and paid pricing apps make it easy to  mass update your prices. MassPrice by TCGplayer creates and saves custom rules that let you quickly update your inventory’s prices. PriceAutomator by EchoMTG updates your TCGplayer listings automatically based on Market Price, so you never have to worry about adjusting the price down to get sales or up to maximize profits. And these apps are just the beginning. We recently launched a Developer Network to make it easier for third-party app developers to gain access to our APIs and create new tools for your stores.


We’re excited to continue bringing you features to grow your in-store and online sales throughout 2018 and beyond. Thank you for an amazing year.