Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any listing fees on the TCGplayer Marketplace?

No. Listing your cards on is 100% free. Once you have a sale, you'll be charged a commission/processing fee.

Are the fees the same if I'm syncing my website to through a third-party provider?

No. If you're a Sync Seller, refer to the second section of the Fees article in our Help Center.

What do TCGplayer Pro's features cost?

There are no setup or monthly fees to take advantage of TCGplayer Pro. Details on fees associated with TCGplayer Pro's features can be found in TCGplayer Pro Pricing.


What does TCGplayer Direct cost?

The cost is exactly the same as the TCGplayer Marketplace, except that instead of paying for shipping yourself, you simply pay us a small shipping replacement cost when we ship out products on your behalf.

What about TCGplayer Buylist?

We charge a flat rate of 10% for all Buylist purchases, plus the cost of shipping. Refer to Fees and Shipping Costs for complete details.

What's the difference between the three tiers?

Basic is the best plan for new Sellers. Verified is primarily for Gold Star Sellers and those with Certified Hobby Shops. Pro is for professional Sellers who want to grow their sales.

You don't pay a cent until you make a sale.

With no setup or listing fees, it's easy to sell your collectibles on 

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