Sellers, I want to give you an update on the MassPrice App, both the steps we’ve taken to help solve the issue you’re experiencing, as well as the additional enhancements we’re adding to the tool based on your feedback.

What issue was occurring?

Calculations made on cards that had no pricing data in the system resulted in inaccurate results.

When will this be resolved?

This update will be deploying tomorrow (October 19th).

What additional improvements are being provided?

  • New calculation option: Lowest Listed Price, which is a combination of Low Price + Shipping (This data point has been greatly requested and is being provided to other App developers as well, such as PriceAutomator by EchoMTG.)
  • A speed boost that will make MassPrice faster to use.

What are we doing to ensure quicker fixes happen in the future?

First, we could have done a better job making you aware that this fix is coming tomorrow. Not providing this information gave the bad impression that this wasn’t being worked on.

Second, we made the age-old mistake of trying to solve this issue while also adding in new functionality to enhance the product. This resulted in additional time needed to engineer code updates and delayed this issue from being resolved.

In the future we will do a better job of separating standalone bug fix updates from the addition of new functionality.